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Benalmadena, Spain - attractions, pictures, recreation

Benalmadena is a resort town, 30 minutes south of Malaga. And from Malaga itself and from the airport you can get by train (station in the city center, to the sea quite far away) and by bus (rides along the main coastal street - Antonio Machado avenue).





In the center of the city are typical Andalusian streets, smooth and beautiful. That part of Benalmadena, which is located near the sea is quite modern, and in general the city is divided into three unequal parts - Benalmadena-Costa (coast), Arroyo de la Miel (city center, there is a railway station) and Benalmadena Pueblo (old city).
A tourist train (automobile, of course) travels around the city, leaving the port and making a circle with stops in the main tourist places. The ticket is sold for a full circle - you can go anywhere, and then at the same stop, take another train in the same direction.


 Benalmadena. Arroyo de la Miel

Arroyo de la Miel


Not far from the beaches is the amusement park Selwo Marina with a dolphinarium and some tropical inhabitants. We did not go there, it seemed too expensive. Near the park La Paloma. There are walking rabbits, peacocks and other chicken, and various ungulates are sitting in pens.


 Benalmadena. park La Paloma

Park La Paloma


I really liked the cactus garden. What kind of cactus is not there ..


 Benalmadena Cactus garden

Cactus garden


Further up the hill, not far from the railway station, is the Tivoli World amusement park. Well, rides, like rides, nothing special. You can distinguish, except that travel through the trough with water by canoe. Made on the principle of roller coaster (small, of course). You fall off the top, splashes, all wet, scream ... Fun :). As for tickets, there is a nuance. You can buy a subscription, which allows you to visit any attractions (except for separately agreed, which are more expensive) any number of times, ore you can buy a ticket each time (special chips). It would seem that the first is clearly more profitable, however, when we calculated how much would have been spent on the second option, it turned out that the amount is approximately the same, as some of the attractions did not work, but twice on the same uninteresting. And queues everywhere ...

Near Tivoli cableway begins (Teleferico) - you can go to the top of the mountain and look around. The highest mountain in the district is visible far away. :)


 Benalmadena Cableway (Teleferico)

Cableway (Teleferico)


On the mountain there is still an eagle nursery and sometimes some kind of show with eagles.
Actually, the attractions, which can be reached on foot, ends here, then you need to go by bus to Mijas.

Between Benalmadena-Pueblo and Arojo de la Miel, the castle of Colomares (Castillo de Colomares) was built.


 Benalmadena castle of Colomares

Castle of Colomares


In fact, this is not a castle, but an artificial construction of the end of the 20th century. Various parts of it symbolize the stages of the historical development of Spain.


 Benalmadena Castle of Colomares

Castle of Colomares


In addition to banal bricks, they used improvised natural materials such as shells, old objects caught from the sea, stalagmite stalagmites, etc.


 Benalmadena Castle of Colomares

Castle of Colomares


This, of course, is not a historical landmark, but very beautiful and informative.

On the outskirts of Benalmadena-Pueblo there is a Buddhist temple - Stupa. This, of course, is also a modern building. I do not know how many Buddhists in Spain and, in particular, in Benalmadena - I sow tourists only. Inside, an almost perfect emptiness - sit on the floor and meditate. :)


 Benalmadena Buddhist Stupa

Buddhist Stupa


Nearby is a much more interesting place - a park of butterflies in Benalmadena.


 Benalmadena Park of butterflies

 Park of butterflies


The only problem is stuffy, as for local inhabitants special climatic conditions are required. But butterflies are beautiful and different.


 Benalmadena Park of butterflies

Park of butterflies


In addition to butterflies, there is also a small kangaroo and a kind of lizard.


 Benalmadena Park of butterflies

 Park of butterflies


The old town of Benalmadena-Pueblo is a typical Andalusian town with white houses in flowers.





Very cute and beautiful. Directly next to the bus stop is a small museum of the history of Latin America (free :)





Near Benalmadena, two water parks - more in Torremolinos and a smaller one in Mijas. We were in the aquapark of Torremolinos - Aqualend. It's not that big, but there are a lot of people. Circles and other means for the congress with slides and swimming is not enough - you need to constantly stand in queue.
Tickets can be bought through the Internet (the site of the water park) - it's somewhat cheaper and eliminates the need to stand in yet another queue - at the entrance. There are no special bus, which would bring directly to the water park . From the bus station Torremolinos to the water park on foot to go for about half an hour. The bus on this route seems to be there, but it goes almost once a day.

I liked it in Benalmadena. And the city itself is interesting, you do not get bored, and there are many things around where you can go. For evening walks - a spacious quay, a port. Beaches of Benalmadena are big, sandy, there are a lot of people, but, in general, not enough to make it get on your nerves. The water is not always warm - Gibraltar is close, the ocean current sometimes comes. But, again, and not so cold that it prevented a rest. 


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