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Moscow - how to get from airport and to the airport


Regular passenger flights are operated from four Moscow airports - Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Zhukovsky. The latter began working in a new capacity quite recently, but he also has international status.

The main question for a person who arrives in Moscow is how quickly and, preferably inexpensively, to get from the airport to the city. Well, actually, for a person flying away from Moscow, the question how to get from the city to the airport is no less relevant.

The most obvious option - a taxi, we will not consider. It is very expensive, and not always fast - traffic jams in Moscow can be in any direction. Well, if it happens at night, there is no choice, as a rule there is no public transport (the exception is Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, where a special night bus runs, but you also need to get to this bus first).

The next option is Aero-express trian. The ticket price is 500 rubles (450, if you buy in advance - more than 3 days). The trains are comfortable, everything is convenient, traffic jams will not interfere, so if such a sum is not a pity, this is a very good option. Aero-express trains follow to the nearest train station, next to which, of course, there is a subway. You can buy a ticket at the place of departure (in the ticket office or ticket machine) or online at theaeroexpress website. In the latter case, the ticket comes to the phone, you can not even print it, but simply attach the phone to the reader turnstile (checking is done at the exit, the entrance to the train is free).
At the airport Zhukovsky aeroexpress absent.
Sometimes, there is an option to replace the aero-express with an ordinary electric train, which is naturally cheaper.

And finally, a bus or a minibus. In fact, the option is quite acceptable. The only inconvenience is that it is not always possible to attach luggage well, especially in a minibus. But in the end, everyone is accommodated. The cost is 5-10 times lower than in aero-express, travel time is about the same (if without traffic jams), the final (or starting) point in Moscow is usually the nearest metro station.
Some buses connecting Moscow with airports are ordinary city routes, which are subject to all the rules of Moscow transport - cost, payment principle, etc. Detailed information about Moscow public transport - see the relevant section.

Further, about each airport separately. 


Moscow - how to getMoscow - public tansport Moscow - DomodedovoMoscow - SheremetyevoMoscow - VnukovoMoscow - Zhukovsky


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