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With Reuver, the same story as withRoermond, i.e., again, after "R", in fact, completely, not "e", but also not the same sound as in the word " Roermond ":).

Reuver is an ordinary Dutch village.





We have the word "village" associated with several other pictures, but that's how they live here. The only thing that is in common with our village - at times, tangibly smells like manure, because around the farms. But, at the same time, I have never seen the manure itself.

On the other side of the river Meuse has the village of Kessel, you can cross river on the ferry.





Kessel has even its own attraction - thecastle of Keverberg. The castle, however, was almost completely destroyed during the war - only the walls remained.


 Kessel. Castle of Keverberg

Castle of Keverberg
Kasteel Keverberg(X-XV century)


From Meuse back to Reuver I walked through a small forest. At the entrance there is a scheme of tracks and all the alleys are numbered.




The local people who strolled in the woods all greeted me as if they were with me, as if I have been living there for many years :). I liked the Dutch village.


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