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Netherlands - description, impressions

The Netherlands, despite the small size of the territory, does not always look like the traditionally represented Holland with mills and canals. By the way, not everyone knows that Holland and the Netherlands are not the same thing. Holland are two seaside provinces in the west of the Netherlands, and the whole of the provinces are twelve.
But here, the well-known love of the Dutch to bicycles is manifested to the full across the country. In the morning, when people go to work and study, a couple of dozen bicycles fall on one car.


 Dutch morning

Dutch morning


Traditional Dutch cheese and Dutch beer are also available everywhere. :)

Yes, and still common - the presence of coffeeshops. The truth is no super activity near them is not observed, and wandering through the streets of smoky people, I also did not notice. So, a number of young people hung out in the evenings.

In general, I liked the Netherlands. There remains the general impression of some kind of peace and tranquility. Even the train on which I was traveling from the German border to Maastricht was two cozy carriages, like a tram, where the tram-driver :) was seated off a glass wall.





Yes, since we are talking about rail transport, we will mention that the situation with train tickets in the Netherlands is the same as in neighboring Belgium, i.e. there are ticket machines, but they do not accept cash, as well as cards of international payment systems. To buy a ticket in the machine can only the owner of a special card (I have never seen such people), the rest turn to the cashier.

Still, it seemed to me that the right of people to rest on the weekend is brought to some extreme. :) Yes, in other countries of Western Europe, most shops on Saturday work half a day, but on Sunday they do not work at all, but at least supermarkets open most of the day. And here, having passed on a Sunday through the city, I did not see a single store, they were so carefully hidden. Well at least it does not apply to food points, otherwise it would be necessary to starve to death. :)


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