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Tangier, Morocco - attractions, pictures

In Tangiers (Tangiers) I was with an excursion from Spain. I must say, the tour is aimed almost exclusively at shaking money out of tourists.

Africa from Spain is relatively close, you only need to get to the port of Tarifa.
Further on the ferry Tarifa-Tangiers through the Strait of Gibraltar - another 40 minutes


 Ferry in the port of Tarifa

Ferry in the port of Tarifa


The ferry service is quite busy, flights approximately every half hour.


 Tangiers. View from the port

Tangiers. View from the port


The program is such - from the port by bus on the main avenue up the hill, past the king's residence.


 Tangiers. Main avenue

Main avenue


Everything is quite decent, sometimes even pompously.
They bring you up to the mountain, there's a photograph with camels, not for free, of course. For this reason they are being taken, since there is nothing else on this mountain, not, even a view of the city.
Further to the Old Town, on the way stopping at some ancient tree, really very large.


 Tangiers. Old Town

Old Town


The old city is a dilapidated house (not so old, by the way, a maximum of the 19th century) surrounded by no less dilapidated walls.


 Tangiers. Стена крепости

Wall of the Fortress


The impression is depressing. Garbage is lying around everywhere ...
Further past the snake charmer who showed the three-minute show, came to the restaurant, where we were fed with local dishes. Lentil soup was quite edible, kebab too, but the main dish - couscous, was a dry millet, like even sweetened, with spices and chicken.


 Tangiers. Old Town

Old Town


Then we moved to the main goal - selling to tourists the products of local industrialists.
On the way, you could see something for which it was worth visiting the Arab country - the unkempt life of the old eastern city. Narrow streets are crammed with merchants and buyers. Immediately in their workshops (which, apparently at the same time and housing), open directly to the street, craftsmen do something. In the alley, a crowd of Arabs is cutting a huge fish, the pieces of which are immediately sold.


 Tangiers. Spice Shop

Spice Shop


That's really interesting to see in more detail.
But we were quickly brought to a big shop where on the first floor there were antique dishes of different shapes and sizes, and on the second floor there were carpets.


 Tangiers. Dinner shop

Dinner shop


The main seller arranged a show with a story about the extraordinary merits of carpets, their huge variety and low price (by the way, as one of the options for buying, the carpet was delivered directly to the house, to any country :).


 Tangiers. Carpets show

Carpets show


All this with colorful epithets, jokes and virtuosic scattering of carpets all over the surface. Yes, the carpets are really very beautiful and, probably, high-quality, but, I can not imagine a person who is tempted by this want to buy something (no one, by the way, didn't buy it). It is clear that here it is more expensive, and not behind the carpets people enrolled on the tour. Well, since this show still has not burnt out, probably, someone buys.

In the next shop, in the same way, they tried to sell spices.


 Tangiers. Spice show

Spice show


Since they cost much less expensive then carpets :), people bought.

In general, after that everything ended - we were led to the port, where we sat on the ferry and, then, safely departed for their resorts.

Well, what to say ... I from the beginning did not expect anything special from this excursion, as I previously read that peoples write about it. In principle, what I was waiting for, I received. I would like, of course, less trade and more the city. Despite the fact that there are no special attractions in Tangiers, even a walk through the streets would be interesting.


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