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Morocco - description, impressions

I visited Morocco with an excursion from Spain (Benalmadena). The journey by bus and ferry takes about 3 hours.


 Morocco. Ferries in the port of Tangier

Ferries in the port of Tangier


Many people write that Tangier is not exactly Morocco, because due to the lively ferry traffic, the city was significantly Europeanized. I somehow did not notice this, although, of course, I have nothing to compare with.


 Morocco. View of the Moroccan coast from the ferry

View of the Moroccan coast from the ferry


The first thing that catches your eye is the huge number of souvenir traders who are trapped in the emerging tourists and accompany the group along the entire pedestrian route. When we were taken to a certain room (also, usually with the purpose of selling something), we could be sure that when we leave there we will see all the same traders waiting at the exit. Irritates terribly. Patient European tourists for the hundredth time said "no, thank you", and I, frankly, by the end of the tour struggled to keep up, not to raise my voice.

In general, the impression, if you can talk about the impression of the country on a one-day visit to one city, so-so. It's dirty, poor, the sights, what it is, in a terrible state ... These women, wrapped from head to foot, in Ramadan, even banks do not work, etc.
Once again I repeat - maybe not all of Morocco is, I'm only talking about what I saw. 


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