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Luxemburg - description, impressions

It is difficult to find any features in a small country, no natural obstacles not separated from neighbors. In my opinion, there are no special features. Historically, it so happened that Luxembourg, depending on Spain, then France, then Germany, to no one finally joined.
In principle, there is a kind of Luxembourgish language, but, in fact, it is a dialect of German. Many speak French. Signage is usually in two languages.


 Border of Germany and Luxembourg

Border of Germany and Luxembourg


All of Luxembourg in an hour you can drive from the border to the border. By the way, the minimum ticket for public transport is the hour, apparently, in order to do it. :) In general, tickets are valid throughout the country, regardless of where they bought.
The population of the country Luxembourg is slightly more than half a million people, of which the sixth part lives in the capital - city of Luxembourg. The large cities of Luxembourg are Luxembourg (more than 100 thousand inhabitants), Esch-sur-Alzette (about 30 thousand inhabitants), Dudelange (about 20 thousand inhabitants). It sounds funny, but, in fact, no provinciality in Luxembourg is not felt. Even Echternach with a population of about 5 thousand inhabitants, looks quite a city, and the city of Luxembourg - it is normal European capital.

In general, there are a lot of attractions in Luxembourg (both natural and historical) and, as a result, many tourists. 


Coins of Luxemburg


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