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Laos - description, impressions

When entering Laos, you need to fill out an immigration card.
The country is poor, even compared to Vietnam, not to mention Thailand. The more surprisingly, the prices here are much higher, and not only for tourists, but for everything, including food. Why so, I do not know. Is that, the local people live their own economy and do not buy anything ...


 Laos. Mekong



Laos language is similar to Thai, my three mandatory words (hello, thank you, goodbye;), sound about the same, with some distortions.

Street food in Laos - all the same grill, with the only difference is that on the grill are fried and various pancakes from bananas and other fruits. Quite delicious, by the way.
Interestingly, as a side dish, in Laos opt for sticky rice. It is given directly in the form of a large ball, from which you need to pinch pieces and dip them into sauce.
Own Laos fast food is sandwiches from baguettes. Baguettes, of course, were introduced into the everyday life of the French, but, surprisingly, they are still very popular today, despite the fact that in Southeast Asia wheat is growing poorly and bread is practically not eaten. In the supermarkets of Bangkok, there is bread, but it is very expensive, and in Laos these sandwiches are cheap enough and occasionally snack to local residents. Such are the wonders.


 Laos food

Laos food


More on foreign influence. :) Advertisement everywhere Beeline, even on an immigration card. Interestingly, it cost a lot? :)


 Laos. Билайн - национальный Laosский оператор связи

Beeline is the national Laos mobile operator :)


 Laos. Beeline is the national Laos mobile operator

 Beeline is the national Laos mobile operator:)


Laos the socialist state, at least so it is declared. In Vientiane, I went to a local school - the children were running with red ties.


 Laos school

Laos school


What to bring from Laos.
I have long thought about this issue. :) Well, if you go straight home from Laos, then fruit. They are the same as in Vietnam and Thailand, but more expensive, although, in this case, the difference is not so great.
In Laos, they grow their tea, apparently, only to sell to tourists at a price three times more expensive than Chinese. One package of green tea still got - a very specific taste, something compote. Not that it is disgusting, but this aroma interrupts the taste of tea proper. As a souvenir normally, but if you need tea, it's better to buy Chinese or Vietnamese.
What else, I do not even know. In general, Laos did not leave any special impression, I mean, I did not see anything special Laos. Somehow gray. True, I was only in Vientiane, probably this is not enough.


Coins of Laos


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