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Padua, Italy - description, how to get


Padua is a city in northwestern of  Italy, 40 km. from Venice. The population is more than 200 thousand people.
Proximity to Venice eventually led to the loss of independence (1405), after which, Padua became famous mainly as a university center. Incidentally, the University of Padua was founded in 1222.
The architecture of the city is typical for this region of Italy. The main architectural landmarks are the palazzo of local nobility and the church. There are remains of Roman structures, but there is almost nothing to look at.
The historic center of Padua is enclosed between the rivers Brenta and Buckilone, which completely surround it.








How to get to Padua

Padua Airport is small and used by small planes - there are no regular flights.
The easiest way to get to Padua is by rail. All trains to Venice pass through the Padua, both from the west (from Milan and Verona) and from the south (from Florence via Bologna). Naturally, from other Italian cities is not a problem to get here.
From Austria or Germany, the train will have to go through Verona. There is little sense in this, since the distance is large - even from the nearest Austrian city (Innsbruck) to Verona it will take about 4 hours. The same goes for moving from Switzerland. From France will have to go twice as long.
In general, the best way to Padua is to fly to Venice, Verona or Milan, and then by train (this will take 30-40 minutes or 2.5 hours in the last case).
Padua Railway Station is located on the northern edge of the Old Town. To the nearest sight on foot to go no more than 10 minutes.


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