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Milan, Italy - description, how to get

Milan is the largest city in northern Italy and the second largest in the country (after Rome). The population is more than 1 million people, but, in fact, Milan has swallowed up nearby towns and the population of the so-called. "Big Milan" has passed for 5 million.
The favorable geographical position allowed Milan at all times to claim the dominant position in the region since he became part of the Roman Empire (in the 2nd century BC).

Like any large city, Milan can boast of various problems. For example, there are too many suspicious individuals who stick to everyone (mainly tourists, of course), trying to sell trash, or simply begging.
There are a lot of tourists, but the feeling is that 90% of them begin and end their inspection of the city by the Milan Cathedral, in extreme cases, they get to the Sforza Castle.
In general, the tourist service of the city works very badly. Milan was almost the only city where I never managed to find a tourist information center. Surely he is somewhere there, but not where Google maps are shown. And on-site it is impossible to find it, because there are no pointers. Moreover, the signs for tourists are absent in principle - you can only find the nearest sight on the map. I usually take the map in the tourist center, but I had to buy it here. And this purchased card turned out to be very bad - there were not even some of the attractions marked on the Internet maps.


  Milan tram

Milan tram




 Milan Central Station

Milan Central Station


How to get to Milan

Milan is a major transportation hub with three airports. Well, that's what it says, "Milan Airport." In fact, Linate Airport, the only one that can be considered really Milan. It is located almost within the city limits. But, Linate is used only for flights in Italy and Europe.

Milan Caravaggio Airport (Orio Al Serio) is located in Bergamo, so it’s more Bergamian than Milan. From the center of Milan, Caravaggio Airport is about 50 km away. By the way, exactly the same distance, for example, from this airport to Brescia.
Mainly charters and low-cost airlines fly from here. You can get to the airport by train from Milan Central Station. The journey takes about an hour. Trains run frequently, but there is a night break in the schedule, from about 23 to 3 hours. And, of course, you can go not only to Milan, but, for example, to Verona and further to Venice.
On the website of Bergamo Airport, you can see detailed current information on public transport - it is not limited to trains, there are buses too.

The main Milan airport - Malpensa, is located approximately at the same distance as Bergamo, but in the opposite direction - in the north-west. You can also get here by train from the central station, only a night break in this direction, for some reason an hour longer - the first train leaves at 4 in the morning. The railway line is connected to the airport only with Milan, but buses run in different directions. For example, you can go to Novara, Turin, Genoa. Detailed information on public transport is available on theMalpensa Airport website.

In addition to Central Station, in Milan there is another large railway junction - Port Garibaldi Station.

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