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Heviz, Hungary - attractions, pictures


Heviz - a town near Balaton lake, a balneological resort.Hévíz Spa - it is the largest thermal lake in the world, which is available to bath.





The main thing, and the only thing there is - a large thermal lake and several small thermal springs. You can swim there all year round, the water is always warm, but come there not to swim, but to be treated.


 Heviz. Thermal lake

Heviz thermal lake


Accordingly, the entire infrastructure is focused on this. The town is divided into two parts - hotels with a lake and a residential area. In the tourist part of a couple of shopping streets and several restaurants. No noisy discos and other excesses are not here, which is understandable.





Near the lake there is a large park with alleys. In general, to be treated here, probably well. People come not just to swim in the lake in order to improve overall health (although this too). As a rule, the hotel offers a course of treatment for a particular disease.


 Heviz. Park



The rest of the city is literally two streets, though very long. 




Naturally, most of the local inhabitants work to service tourists.


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