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Hungary - description, impressions


Hungary is small country, but there are few people too, so there is a lot of space. :) And the space is very carefully occupied by fields, gardens and forest plantations (it was artificially created - I did not see wild forests).
Occurring settlements are small. By our standards, a big city in Hungary is one - Budapest. The second largest population is Debrecen, with about 200,000 inhabitants, and there are 5-6 cities with a population of more than 100,000.
The main settlements are just villages. And most of the houses in them are traditional Hungarian, namely - something like a long brick shed, usually whitened, which goes to the street with a butt-end with a door. Inside the room go one after another. It was the custom since the time when the house had to be often defended with weapons, and this configuration was the most convenient for this purpose.
In yards, and on the streets and even just on the roadside, where there is no shelter, you can see the statues of the Virgin. As explained by the guide, it serve so that travelers on this road could stop and pray. I do not know how modern Hungarians are religious, but the fact that they are praying for the Mother of God has its meaning. The matter is that the Madonna is considered the patroness of the heavenly patroness of Hungary (Patrona Vngariae) almost from the moment of acceptance by the Hungarians of Christianity. Virtually all Hungarian coins, from the middle of the XV century to the middle of the XIX century, have the image of Our Lady with the baby and the corresponding inscription.


 Hungary. Denar 1563

Hungary. Denar 1563


In general, as far as I could see, the Hungarian national identity is developed quite strongly. So, many still believe that after the collapse of the Austrian Empire, their country was greatly deprived. The Hungarian state was limited to the territory of the compact residence of the Hungarians, while the Hungarian Kingdom, during its heyday, included the lands of Slovakia, Croatia, Transylvania, Wallachia ... In general, as they like to recall the former power not only Hungarians, Hungary (or something else - to substitute the necessary) from the sea and to the sea.

Hungary is famous for thermal springs. A lot of tourists go to Hévíz, but in Budapest there are several bathhouses.

Hungarian wine is very good . The symbol of the country, of course Tokay, which is nowhere produced. I'm not a fan of white wines, so I can not say how good it is, but red wines are very decent, and, importantly, inexpensive.

Well and can not do without Hungarian salami, Hungarian bacon and Hungarian paprika. All this is really very diverse and terrific tasty. By the way, Hungarian cuisine is not as acute as it is commonly believed. Varieties of the same paprika, much more sweet than sharp. And buy it all home is better right away, not relying on duty-free. In Budapest it is very small, the choice of local products there is small and the prices are higher than in the city.

Hungarian language. The strongest impression in this sense (perhaps because the first one) made an attempt on me to buy a bottle of water. I looked at the inscriptions for a long time, trying to determine with gas whether or not, and searched for familiar words. Have not found. :) By the way, as it turned out, this problem is solved very simply. The degree of carbonation of water is determined by the color of the cap, blue - strongly aerated, pink - slightly, white - without gas.

In fact, a few words similar to those in other languages ​​are there, but there are several of them, and the rest are so unlike anything that it is very difficult to learn at least a couple of phrases.

And in Hungary it's warm ... We, the northern people, were struck by the weather at the end of February. In the daytime it was 10-15 degrees, the sun, the green grass ... This, after we fleeing in Moscow from some terrible wet blizzard, made an indelible impression. Next time we were in Budapest at the end of March, then the weather was almost summer.


Hungarian coins


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