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Travemunde, Germany - attractions, pictures

When the ships became so large that the Trave River ceased to be navigable for them, the port naturally moved from Lübeck to the river mouth - in Travemünde.


 Travemunde. The mouth of the river Trave

The mouth of the river Trave


Despite the fact that the city was founded in the XII century, there are few historical sights in it - a small church of St. Lorentz and the lighthouse.


 Travemunde. Church of St. Lorentz

Church of St. Lorentz (XII-XV century)


Near the church stands a column in memory of the deceased (apparently in swimming) in the XIX century Russian seaman.


 Travemunde. Memorial Column

Memorial Column


The lighthouse of Travemunde seems to have been built in the 16th century, looks quite modern and does not represent anything special.


 Travemunde. Lighthouse



The town itself is small and, although it is considered a suburb of Lubeck, it is about fifteen minutes to go by it in an area that is not too populated.



The main street


Travemunde it is a very popular seaside resort and the coastal line is built up by hotels.


 View of Travemunde from the sea

View of Travemunde from the sea


Even in March there were vacationers. Naturally, at this time of year they do not bathe, but simply breathe the sea air. How comfortable it is to swim in the Baltic Sea at all, I do not know. It seems to me, even at the height of summer, the water does not get much warmer.


 Travemunde. Beach



But the beach in Travemunde is excellent - a strip of fine sand with a width of three hundred meters. 


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