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Lubeck, Germany - attractions, pictures

Lubeck (Lübeck) was part of the medieval confederation of commercial seaside German cities - Hansa. It is not located on the coast, but in the old days the depths of the Trave River were enough to ensure that the sea vessels moored directly in the port of Lubeck, and the distance from the sea provided greater security.





Even more security was ensured by the fact that the city was on an island surrounded by a river and its tributary. Now the old city in the same range remained virtually unchanged, except that they set up shopping centers. Without stores, of course, also impossible, but sometimes it looks very much inorganic - like, for example, this awkward roof in the photo.


 Lubeck Embankment



Schleswig-Holstein before the final accession to Germany was often in possession of Denmark. Maybe it affected the appearance of cities. In any case, there is absolutely no traditional Western European gothic. Those without this style was not done, but it is very peculiar - the so-called. brick gothic, more characteristic for Denmark and Scandinavia.


 Lubeck Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Cathedral of St. Nicholas
Lübecker Dom (XII-XIII century)


Old Lubeck is interesting in that not only churches, but also the remains of city walls, and entrance gates, and entire streets of old houses were preserved in the city. The symbol of Lubeck is the Holstein Gate (Holstentor).


 Lubeck Holstein Gate

Holstein Gate


 Lubeck City Gate Burgtor

City Gate


 Lubeck The Market Square and the Town Hall

The Market Square and the Town Hall


There are curious buildings. For example, a house attached to the remains of the city wall, which is called - a half-tower.


 Lubeck Half-tower



The old houses are very different. There are in the style of all the brick Gothic, there are white, divided into squares and triangles by wooden beams, there are multicolored.





And in general, I would like to emphasize once more that the whole old city looks very "old "and stylistically uniform (again, if you do not take into account the big shopping centers - but they, fortunately, are concentrated on not too large areas). Even new houses are perfectly integrated into the surrounding construction.


 Lubeck Hospital of the Holy Spirit

Hospital of the Holy Spirit (XIII century)


We visited the museum near the cathedral (a nature museum). Nothing particularly interesting. Children like that everywhere you can click on different buttons, draw boxes, etc. We went to the museum inside the Holstein gate (also nothing outstanding).

There are various things arranged inside the city, illustrating physical phenomena and devices - for example, an artificial ear, into which you can shove your head and make sure that the sound is really amplified. On the plate it is written what is the device and the map on which you can find the next object.

Another city is famous for marzipans. Delicacy is specific, but it is suitable as a souvenir.


 Lubeck Marzipan Store

Marzipan Store


 Lubeck Marzipans



I really liked the Lubeck. Although we had a week and walked it along and across, it would be a pleasure to come back here again.


Lubeck coins


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