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Nesebar, Bulgaria - attractions


The town of Nesebar is located near the famous Bulgarian resort - Sunny Beach. Actually, the resort starts from the city and stretches far to the north. But, in Nesebar has own beaches are still some distance from a huge crowd of tourists.




Historically, the old city (formerly called Mesembria) is located on the peninsula, although it was much larger before. Part of the peninsula went under water as a result of the earthquake (even before our era), together with the city buildings, so now the remains of the ancient city are under water. The new city is located on the mainland. Here too was once part of the old city, but it can be seen only by the excavations under way - nothing remained on the surface.


 Nesebar. Old town

Old town


In the old town there are both whole (or reconstructed) historic buildings, and the ruins from which the city begins (these are the remnants of the fortress wall). The building of the archaeological museum (in general, not bad) is attached to the ruins.


 Nesebar. Church of Christ the Pantocrator

Church of Christ the Pantocrator XIII-XIV c.


All the buildings are in Byzantine style. Preserved churches are more or less modest in size, but there are ruins of simply huge structures, for example the remains of the Church of St. Sophia in the center of the city.


 Nesebar. Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist X c. 


Basically, of course, preserved buildings of religious purpose. Of the others, one can mention the Byzantine terms of the times of Justinian. Unfortunately, they are also destroyed, you can only look at the location of the premises along the remnants of the walls.
The rest of the houses in the old Nesebar are hotels, shops, and restaurants. All this, of course, is more expensive than in the new city. The new city is not too big, it's not difficult to walk around. There are two large supermarkets ("Mladost" and "Black Sea"), several shopping streets. I liked that in supermarkets there are whole departments with a variety of ready-made meals - take it and reheat it. Directly from the outskirts of the city begins the resort zone "Sunny Beach". From the Old Town there goes a tourist train, but is not difficult to walk. Where the route of the locomotive ends, there is nothing interesting. If you go to Sunny Beach, then go by bus to the center of the resort - to the shopping streets.
Near the old town, towards the Sunny Beach there is an amusement park. Nearby two water parks - in Sunny Beach and in Nesebar. We went to Nesebar.


 Nesebar. Aquapark



It is quite far from the city to get into it you need to take a free bus that stops at special places marked with the sign "Aquapark", on the road from Sunny beach to Nesebar and further along the street Ivan Vazov. At the same bus stop you can see the bus schedule. Waterpark liked - great and interesting. 


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