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Maasmechelen, Belgium - Outlet, how to get


The unremarkable town of Maasmechelen came to my review because it has a nearby large discounter - Maasmechelen Village Designer outlet.





I went there (for shopping, of course) from Maastricht and the main discovery was that from the city of Maasmechelen to this very outlet is quite far. Meanwhile, before I read on the Internet that from Maastricht you can get there by a direct bus, and the outlet is literally outside the city outskirts.
What I will now say is clarified by communicating with the locals in an unequal struggle with the French language, so that no one else will tell. :) So, how to get to Maasmechelen. From Maastricht to Maasmechelen you can take the bus number 63. To ride forty minutes, Maasmechelen all pass, the last stop of this bus directly outside the city. There's something like a small bus station. We do not need to go anywhere, we stay at the same stop and wait for bus number 61, and there we ask the driver to say when the outlet will be. Go another fifteen minutes. We leave, cross the road and go straight and a little back, keeping the direction to the tower with the wheels at the top (which is, I did not understand - whether the device for pumping water from the channel into the channel, or a lifting mechanism of some kind).



Tower with the wheels


We pass through a large parking, leaving this tower on the left and voila - outlet in front of you!


 Maasmechelen - Outlet



I really liked that were few people (however, it was weekday). And so, everything is quite usual - three long streets with shops, both pathos, and democratic. A lot of decent discounts, why, in fact, they go there. Well, still funny statues from improvised materials.


Belgium coins


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