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Tirana, Albania - attractions, pictures

Tirana is very different from other Albanian cities. Many new, modern buildings, a huge number of cars. The historical center is also quite decent, there are no obviously collapsing buildings.








In general, apparently, like all the underdeveloped countries - there is a capital, and there is everything else.
The traffic is very lively and chaotic. At the entrance to the city from the airport, permanent traffic jams. The airport bears the name of Mother Teresa, who was an ethnic Albanian, although she was born in neighboring Macedonia.


 Tirana. Park in the city center

Park in the city center


In Tirana, there is even a bicycle rental, like in Europe.


 Tirana. Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental


It is clear that not everything is so radiant. In Tirana too, have been houses that have not been repaired for a long time, even in the center, and somewhere on the outskirts, there are probably completely ruined, just like in other cities.





But, in general, the Albanian capital gives the impression of a rapidly developing city.


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