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Shkoder, Albania - attractions, pictures

Shkoder (Shkodra) is a fairly large city, with about 200 thousand inhabitants. It is located on the shore of Lake Skadar (Albanian - Shkadar), at the flowing from it the Bojana River. This is the nearestto Montenegro Albanian city.





In general, the city of Skadar up to the Turkish conquest (1479) was part of the medieval Serbian principality, and Albanian Shkoder it became only because after the First Balkan War (1912) - the international community for some reason decided  to add it to the newly-formed state of Albania.





The city, of course, is much poorer thanTirana. Sometimes there are just slums. Well, residents are not oligarchs either. Even in the city, as a means of transport, is often founda donkey with a cart, .





Although, and here too there is a construction. The city center looks pretty decent. However, in general, this applies only to one main tourist street.


 Shkoder. City center

City center


In general, there is nothing to watch in the city itself. So, just get acquainted with Albania. Tourists carry a look at three churches - a mosque, Orthodox and Catholic, perhaps to emphasize the tolerance of residents. All the churches are new, they do not represent any special interest from a historical point of view, and none of them is observed in the influx of believers.
By the way, the mosque from the inside is an absolutely empty hall with wall niches, and in some of the niches sit the servants of Allah with laptops. :) In general, the Muslim religion is not reproached in conservatism - over the mosque there was an advertising banner on the occasion of the approaching Ramadan, made of multicolored light bulbs, and the text was typed in Latin letters - no Arabic ligature.

The neighborhood of the city is much more interesting.

The Skadar lake is really beautiful. Albania has a smaller part of it (other part in Montenegro).


 Shkoder. Skadar  lake

Shkodra Lake


It is a natural reserve, not a resort. There are no specially equipped beaches, although, of course, you can swim. Water  is much warmer than in the sea.
Naturally, they catch fish there. The main local dish is carp.
From the lake flows the Bojana River, which is 40 km away falls into the sea.

On the mountain, which the river goes around, there is the Rozafa Castle . It is believed that it was founded almost in the III century BC, but since then, of course, nothing has been preserved. The present fortress, mostly of Turkish construction of the XV-XVIII centuries.


 Shkoder. Fortress Rozafa

Fortress Rozafa


From the bottom it looks much more impressive than inside, because the walls are best preserved.


 Shkoder. Fortress Rozafa

Fortress Rozafa


There is a small museum, which we did not go for lack of time.
The main thing for which it is worth climbing this mountain is the landscapes that open up to it.


 Shkoder. Panorama of the surroundings of Rozafa

Panorama of the surroundings of Rozafa


On the one hand, the river flowing out of the lake, on the other hand, it flows along the plain. And all this is framed by mountains.


 Shkoder. View from Rozafa to Bojana

View from Rozafa to Bojana


The mountain is very high. We were brought there by minibus, which added a thrill :), but even on foot to climb there.


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