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Kruje, Albania - attractions, pictures


In Kruje in 1443-1466 was the residence of the main Albanian hero George Castriot Skanderbeg, the hereditary prince of a small Albanian principality, dependent, like all other lands around, from the Turks.




In 1443 Skanderbeg became the head of the national uprising and up to the death defended the independence of the principality, repeatedly defeating the troops of the Ottoman Empire, which was then, incidentally, at the height of power. The fact that he was really an outstanding person is also mentioned by his nickname, formed from the Turkish Iskander-bek (that is, as if in honor of Alexander the Great, who was always respected in the East) and that after his death, Kruje was very quickly taken by the Turks and the history of the independent Albanian principality ended.

The modern city is located both on the high mountain, and at its foot, and the fortress, naturally, on the very top.


 Fortress  Kruje.

Fortress Kruje


The fortress is in a very bad condition, and even directly in it a museum of Skanderbeg was built, which naturally dominates the rest of the buildings.


 Kruje. Skanderbeg museum

Skanderbeg museum


The street leads to the fortress (guides say "oriental bazaar" :)), which sells souvenirs and various other things that have been left from the past, mainly from socialist Albania. They say that a few years ago it was possible to buy very interesting things here literally for a penny.


 Kruje. Oriental bazaar

"Oriental bazaar"


I do not understand antiques, I looked at the coins that they sell there, too. Their cost is quite normal, even on the contrary, some sellers are firmly convinced that the Albanian coins of the 60s will be bought by tourists no less than 10 bucks for a piece. It seems that now the Albanians have already realized that it is possible to make money on old things and tourists, so there will be no more freebie.


 Kruje. Oriental bazaar

"Oriental bazaar"


In addition to the Skanderbeg Museum, there is still an ethnographic and historical museum in the fortress. At the time of our visit, they were both closed. However, the guide  responded skeptically about their exposures.

There is nothing more interesting in Kruje. Is that, in the lower town show the restaurant where George Bush dined. And, while they say that in the same restaurant, his watch was stolen. :)

Here many build, and, the impression that the hotels. For me, a mystery, for whom they may need - the sea far away, in the city there is nothing to do ...


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